Engagement Marketing

Get to the right people — by talking to them!

We combine the pre-existent brand awareness geared by mass advertisement with our one-on-one approach where customers are able to ask questions and find out the benefits of the product or service you are pitching.

We understand that in order for a company to grow and succeed, it has to keep customers for longer than a year, thus we drive the quality by building a relationship that can be lasting and can increase brand loyalty. The average customer lifetime value for our clients average to two-years currently, and we are proud of that!

Get to the right audience and let us handle all of your sales and marketing campaigns and we will follow through with what we promise.

In-Store Promotions

Local Partnerships — National Coverage

Our reputation has open the doors to some impressive partnerships with Fortune 100 retailers nationwide. We connect our clients to these partnerships and we portray their products and services at the retailer’s locations based on the campaign and requirements.

This approach allows us to find qualified consumers who are already in the buying mindset and have knowledge of your brand.

Do you want your brand to benefit from these partnerships? Do you want to reach to qualified consumers? Get a quote!

Experiential Campaigns

If they can feel it, they will buy it!

Our most recent research has shown that customers who can see the product or experience the service are more likely to purchase or acquire the service within one month of that interaction.

It is part of human nature to purchase things based on impulse, and such can be driven by a great experience and having the chance to see the advantages of such product or service. Our professional team knows how to get to the customers and help guide them to make their purchase decisions. Inquire about this service and get your service or product into your customers hands!

Street Events

Create attention, drive connections!

Street Events involve sending teams into crowded areas to distribute flyers, coupons, incentive cards, or other promotional items. Ideally, the promotion has some tie-in to the event that has drawn the crowd and contributes to the experience.

Thus, at a street fair or celebration, marketers may pass out some sort of “game piece” cards, such as scratch-off incentive cards. When done effectively, consumers will associate the enjoyment of the event with their interaction with your brand.

Get your brand in the streets today, find out how!

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