We are Boston Imperium

We are a company that has been recognized as one of the top direct marketing firms in the nation. We are excited to have the opportunity to bring our expertise to the Northeast to make a tremendous impact on the local community and businesses in the area. A company that has built a strong reputation to acquire Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 clients, across multiple industries. As we have grown, the main focus of our company has become our team and our culture. With our employee-first mindset, our ability to grow not only as individuals but as a company is second to none. With an intoxicating positive, motivating, and winning culture we expect nothing less than the best for our client and employees.

Engagement Marketing

Our most interactive approach: We target qualified customer and we engage them in conversations that can lead to a sale.
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In-Store Promotions

We take your product or service into qualified territories. We take advantage of the partnerships we have built with major retailers throughout the US at no additional cost.
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Experiential Campaigns

Recent data shows that customers are more likely to purchase a product or service when they are able to try the looks and feel of such. We use this technique to drive the quality of customers for your brand or product.
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Street Events

We present our client’s products and services using the most common strategy of marketing: Events. We present our client’s products or services in a high-traffic area to increase awareness.
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Dynamic Sales & Marketing

Getting sales for your company shouldn’t be hard. You should not feel stressed out to drive revenue to your company and attract customers to your brand. Due to this, Boston Imperium was founded.

We have build a sustainable business where we are able to drive, replicate and grow your brand by using common practices and innovative techniques that will help your brand grow.

Our team has been awarded with top-notch awards in the sales industry for two-years in a row. Their combined experience and talent helps our company move further and help more clients grow. The numbers never lie!

Trained Specialists
Events Weekly
Industry Awards

Why We Are Different



Our approach is tailored to reach to qualified consumers and decision makers, this helps your company reduce its churn rates and increase customer lifetime value.



We represent our clients with the highest level of professionalism possible. Our mantra is to treat our client’s brand as if it were our own, thus representing it at the same level of professionalism and excitement.



Our “through-the-line” approach combines the typical direct strategies in the sales field with the indirect approach of marketing. We innovate our strategies to adapt to the ever-changing industry.



When you hire us, you hire a group of individuals that breath, live, and enjoy marketing and sales. Their whole dedication has made it possible for us to grow at such rate.

Meet Our Clients

We are a trusted partner for some of America’s leading businesses. We have helped bring ideas to life while building sustainable business practices across industries.

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